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How to choose the best SEO Company in Austin

If you have an online business in Austin, it’s essential to do internet marketing and keyword research to boost your traffic and drive potential customers to your website. However, SEO requires expertise. You can’t just do it yourself and expect your website to rank. You need Professional Lists, Inc. Of Austin to help you out with the best SEO practices.

Here are some factors to consider when working with the best SEO Company in Austin.

SEO Philosophy

Every SEO specialist has a technique or method for ranking a particular website. It could be black hat SEO or white SEO. The basic difference between the two is that black hat uses strategies that will quickly rank your website within a day. The problem about this technique is the possibility of being slapped by Google and your website will be removed from the search results. Black hat is only intended for short-term success.
White hat SEO on the other hand is intended for long-term success. It uses safe methods of building links which is often manually added. It takes months to see the results but the results are permanent and don’t have negative effects on your ranking. This is highly recommended as your website is able to build trust with Google.

Local SEO

Professional Lists, Inc. Of Austin uses local SEO strategies to make sure that website traffic is targeted. This means that the visitors to your site are located in Austin and that majority of them are interested in your services. The thing about traffic is that no matter how massive your site traffic is, if it’s not targeted, you won’t have enough number of customers. Better to have a few visitors that are truly interested in buying your products.

  • Progress Report

Professional Lists, Inc. Of Austin is one of the topnotch SEO companies in the USA. Regular reports will be submitted to you so you can track the progress of your SEO campaign. Your website will probably start at the last pages of Google search results. Then it will gradually go up to 4th page, 2nd page and finally to page 1 as the campaign is ongoing.
Take note that SEO campaigns using clean methods take time. It won’t happen overnight. Contact the Professional Lists, Inc. of Austin SEO Company to discuss your options and expectations.

  • Keyword Research Strategy

The foundation of all SEO campaigns is the keyword strategy. You have to research first which keywords have a potential to help your website be on first page of Google. The SEO Company will use several tools and software to discover profitable keywords with low competition. You want to work on at least 5 profitable keywords that your competitors are not using yet.

Some tools that can help you find the best keywords in your niche include Spyfu, SEMRush, Google Keyword Planner and WordTracker. You may use Google keyword planner for free. However, the other tools are paid websites. Consider this as an investment because as mentioned earlier, keyword research is the foundation of your SEO campaign. If you are campaigning for the wrong keyword, all your efforts will be wasted.

  • References

When working with SEO specialists, you have to verify their claims. Ask for referrals or sample portfolio. You want to know straight from their previous clients’ if the SEO campaign was a success or not. Why is this important? SEO takes weeks or even months to see progress. The last thing you want is to spend money and wait for a long period of time before you realize that you hired the wrong company.

  • Metrics

The SEO specialist must use some metrics to measure the success of the campaign. You have to know what areas to measure. The obvious proof that the campaign is working is when your web page goes up on Google’s search result. For example, if you are campaigning for the keyword “best mattress” then you should see your website on the first page when you type the keyword in Google.

Another evidence of SEO progress is when you see more traffic in your website. You must install Google analytics to get the data. This tool allows you to see where the traffic is coming from, the gender of the visitors, and what device are they using to access your website.

  • Conclusion

Professional Lists, Inc. Of Austin is a trusted group of SEO specialists in Austin. If you are interested in doing SEO campaign for your online business, it’s advisable to work with a company that has delivered success to their clients.

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