Incorporation of Company Branding and SEO

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Incorporation of Company Branding & SEO

For many businesses online, adopting an SEO strategy is not a big priority. However, with increased competition and tussle for the online market place, going for an SEO strategy seems inevitable. Google advises its users to pursue such strategies earlier rather than later. A good timing would be right before you launch your website. As Professional Lists, Inc. we have assisted many companies to achieve success, here is our take of incorporating your company branding with SEO.

Why this early?

SEO cannot be likened to Paid per Clicks ads which produce instant results. It is a little more complex and takes time for its results to kick in. The same applies to a business owner who wants to build a successful brand.  Begin with an SEO strategy in place.


Search engine optimization is all about giving the users a better experience. Google pays keen attention to the speed of your website, its design, the quality of the content you are marketing, its mobile friendliness among other factors.

No matter the business you are in your brand is a mirror reflection of how your users consider your business. To get users impressed on your brand you should focus on:

  • Usability – Your website must be simple to navigate.
  • Desirability – Ensure that your designs remain appealing to your target audience.
  • Accessibility – Your website must be user friendly to those with disabilities.
  • Credibility – Clients are impressed by a brand which appears to command authority in its particular niche and can be trusted.
  • Can be found – Invest a great deal on your websites content which will ease finding your site.

When considering the ideal user experience your business should create a great deal of awareness. All the attributes listed above such as accessibility, credibility and others are all part of SEO. Search engine algorithms gauge your sites user experience and showcase it accordingly in their rankings.

If your brand is not search engine optimized this might be the best time to do it. Millennial’s who spend a significant portion of their time online form a huge market segment with an incredible spending power. Mobile phones offer fast online accessibility and affect a large number of client buying decisions.

For instance, Brian buying a laptop cover

“Late from work Brian got caught up in the rain. With his bag getting drenched he worried about the risk he was exposing his laptop to. Impulsively, he pulls out his smartphone and looks for the best waterproof laptop covers and how far they are situated. In a matter of minutes he gets what he is looking for and walks out of a store an hour later with new laptop cover. “

The impact of the accessibility provided by the mobile phone cannot be understated. Looking at this practical example we can agree that Brian made a purchase from a brand he had never heard off an hour ago. Research reveals that almost 1 in 2 millennial’s admit making a purchase for a brand they knew nothing about till they stumbled onto it online.

How Do You Satisfy the Search Engines & Your Clients Concurrently?

For this to become a reality you have to optimize your brand image and adopt an SEO strategy that work hand in hand. Go for an inbound methodology which is specifically designed to assist your users generate leads for your business. An inbound methodology is the best approach to take to achieve business success.

Inbound Methodology

With this approach you are not reaching out to prospective clients but rather offering them what they seek as they go about their buy-search. This inbound method can be considered more of a philosophy then method. Majority of small businesses use the inbound method throughout their online operations. The strategy guarantees any business that adopts it increased leads.

So how does SEO integrate with inbound methodology?

The whole process works in stages:

  • Attraction – Any prospective client will locate your business through social media networks or search results.
  • Conversion – You communicate with client who visit your site to subscribe to your site feeds, thus becoming part of the sales funnel.
  • Close the deal – This involves providing an offer to your client who closes down the sale.
  • Retain – On completion of the purchase your main aim is to encourage this clients to use more of your products as they strive to achieve their goals.

Other Aspects of SEO involve content creation, networking and building social networks.

Be Able To Tell a Good Story

As humans we all relate to stories where we can picture them and relate accordingly. Based on this introduction, brand stories are a very effective way of marketing your business online. With more websites investing into content creation you have to take more initiative by reaching out to more people in a creative way.

To effectively communicate through stories, take the data of your products or services and give it a personal touch. Telling brand stories sounds simple till you to try to come up with one. Remember, brand stories should be separated from marketing materials. They should not sound as sales pitches or promotional ads. The personality of the storyteller should take center stage while remaining within the subject of your brand. If the story comes out as boring, readers will shy away from it.

The best brand stories focus their users. When coming up with them be selective of the language you use and the message it sends across. Experienced keyword experts can do this in a language that resonates well with the target audience.

Content & SEO

Whether your business operates 100% online or redirects traffic to your brick and mortar premise, you need high quality that will bring in leads, traffic and result into sales. To build a successful brand you need quality content.

First begin by optimizing the right keywords so your brand can be discovered in search engines online.

Design & SEO

If you have been keeping tabs with how the major companies brand themselves you will notice that some create a lot of market buzz when they change their logos. Your image or company logo should resonate well with the target audience. You can optimize your business logo for search engines. Ensure that you:

  • Offer value
  • Avoid embedding keywords into your images
  • Use sitemaps

Social Media & SEO

When asked why the follow some brands online customers said that they were interested in the:

  • Promotional offers/coupons
  • Regular content updates
  • New products

To remain engaged with your clients it’s important to maintain a social media following. This is the most effective form of free advertising. In as much as your social media presence might not be that significant when it comes of search engine rankings, people love social media and so should your business. By optimizing social media posts and profiles you become more visible and can be searched on social media. A good number of people take sites like Twitter and Facebook as their new search engines. Here are a few insightful tips to incorporate into your social branding:

  • Go after the right social media platform
  • Have a social media profile which is current
  • Optimize your posts
  • Connect and network with other people/brands

You’re Brand Reputation in Relation to SEO

You might be launching a new brand or re-inventing your existing business brand. Always keep in mind that your brand reputation is important for your growth. A good number of millennial’s are put off by businesses with poor brands. If the online reviews of your site are not impressive, they shy away.

Reviews are user generated content so they matter a great deal to your business. To boost your online reputation:

  • Encourage your services or products to be revived by your clients – Reviews can be in the form of popular blogs, customer or influence’s. You can also obtain good reviews from crowd sourced review platforms.
  • Set up Google alerts that will tip you off on the number of times your brand gets mentioned.
  • Avoid negative SEO – To harm your online reputation a lot of spammers and competitors use black hat SEO practices which are damaging to your online reputation. Be alert and ensure that you do not get penalized by Google for low quality back links.


The most popular company brands are not just out there to sell their trademarks and logos, they build a unique connection with the customer. Being SEO friendly ensures you are discovered on search engines. Whether your business is offline or online, SEO is an integral foundation that will ensure you receive a content stream of high quality leads from your traffic.

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