Is Search Engine Submission Necessary?

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Is search engine submission necessary?

Today, submitting your site onto a search engine is not necessary. During the early years of the internet, it was a prerequisite that you submit your website to the search engines. Search engine submission still remains a great way to promote your website. This form of internet marketing is directed at increasing the rank of your site or web pages.

Why Search Engine Submission?

On submitting your website to search engines, it becomes much easier for it to be detected by spiders. You do not have to rely solely on search engines to locate them. A lot of brand new sites are eager to be detected and thus prioritize search engine submission during their early life. Another reason for search engine submission is when you have just added a new web page or updated an entire section of your site. The submission speeds up the online recognition process.

So, How Is This Done?

There are two distinct ways of undertaking the search engine submission process.

Method 1: Here you directly submit page by page by using Bing Webmaster tools or Google Webmaster central. You then receive an up to date sitemap file which is accompanied by a robots text file.

Method 2: Here one will be submitting your entire website by relaying the homepage to as many search engines you want. At times it’s referred to as a mass submission process. Once the homepage has been submitted by the webmaster and it’s indexed and listed on multiple search engine databases, the rest automatically follow.

When carrying out a search engine resubmission center our focus on the top three search engines. When dong a website design or redesign this is one part of the package. You are also in a position to submit your site manually whenever you please.

Always remember that Google is the world leading search engine and it must be your first stop when submitting your website. This is closely followed by Yahoo which requires your registration before making your submission. You will not be charged for making a submission. You can also make your submission on Bing.

High Rankings

Today, most businesses are competing for the online market pie to increase their business fortunes. Most businesses have competitors who carry out the same operations. To remain ahead of the competition you have to resort promote your website through strategies such as search engine submission and search engine optimization to increase your rankings and out-perform competitors. Once you exploit the right search engine optimization techniques and strategies your site will enjoy higher rankings

What are other Benefits of Search Engine Submission?

Search Engine submission can elevate your websites on the online page within a relatively short time period. This attracts a great horde of traffic to your website improving its visibility. Search engines become more aware of your sales potential and user activity. After making your search engine submission for your website you will notice that you start experiencing increased search engine traffic. This is a clear indication that your website has been indexed and it’s more accessible to visitors. Within no time this rise in visitors will translate into increased conversion.

Apart from Search Engine Submission services, Professional Lists, Inc. provides other SEO services which are helpful in internet marketing. Top SEO business owners and consultants argue that SEO provides the best search engine rewards.

Is Search Engine Submission Unnecessary?

On mature sites, it is not a necessity for you to submit it to search engines. This is mainly because the majors like Yahoo, Google and Bing have programmed bots, spiders and crawlers which navigate through this established websites and rank them accordingly. However, on making major site renovations you are at liberty to do as many search engine resubmissions as you please. Actually, there is no harm is doing frequent resubmissions.

Search engine submission is not a complicated phenomenon. Each search engine has its own special algorithms that will assist in finding your site. Google relies on web spiders which crawl the web bringing back information on every website or web page. The crawlers are usually sent randomly so the SEO optimizers or experts do not strategically time their updates. Yahoo too uses web crawlers which locate pages and extract links which are yet to be discovered. Bing refers to their web crawlers as Bing Bot and it is tasked with scouring the web while analyzing each webpage and site.

Why is it so?

Top search engines have significantly evolved to point that they do not need to be notified any time a new site or web page has been created. Both Bing and Google recommend the webmaster to set up an account with them. Through this account they communicate any problems or recommendations that might assist with your site. If you set up this account with them at the start, it is the equivalent of doing a search engine submission.

A good number of the tools and options available within your webmaster tools appear quite complicated. However, you do not have to concern yourself with those it you do not understand. Just by simply setting up an account – which is free by the way – and linking it to your website accordingly, this is enough to get you included into Googles search results.

Our Verdict

It’s important to engage in Search engine optimization. If your website has been published online for over a week and it can be located by typing in your domain name, then it means you can be found on Google and Bing. These days submissions occur automatically. To improve your rankings drastically it’s important to engage in off-site and on-site SEO which are part of Search engine optimization. A complementary strategy is the best way to boost your web rankings on search engines.

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