The Importance of Anchor Text in Back-links

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If you converse with a successful website owner, he can corroborate just how important link building is to their success. Some impatient site owners might resort to tactics such as link spamming among several other practices which consume a great deal of time and money. Unfortunately, this can be detected by Googles search engines as they do not seem to appear naturally.

If promote your website through link spamming, it will be detected and penalized accordingly for having low quality back links. In as much as it can be corrected with time, you will require several high quality back links from authoritative sites that fall within your niche. Most website owners are aware that high quality link building is important but have no clue on how they are to be constructed.

What exactly is an Anchor Text?

An anchor text is that blue underlined text that redirects you to a different web page when clicked upon. There has been a lot of contentious debate regarding anchor texts – there are those who view it positively and others who consider it ineffective these days.

If you are skimming through a web page and came across a “Click here” or a 50 word link, which one would appear more appeasing? An anchor texts makes a long unattractive URL appear as an attractive phrase which can be easily clicked. A combination of the URL and anchor text form a hyperlink.

Why Opt For Anchor Texts?

Anchor texts have a bearing on how Google rankings are determined provided you utilize the appropriate keyword phrases in your anchor texts. Google has invested a great deal of their algorithm on links which are inbound from other web pages. Google and several other major search engines count each of this links as a vote to the web page being referenced to. A thorough analysis of all web page is also done to arrive at what information makes up the vote.

Due to concerns about black hat practices, Google does more to validate the anchor text vote. Its like they conduct an examination of your website to find out what exactly do you now about this anchor text you referenced. For instance, if you have a lot of content concerning a product “Z” then you must be knowledgeable on “Z”. So when you vouch for a certain site that also talks about “Z” it carries more weight as you are also an expert at the subject matter.

How Strong Are Anchor Texts?

When using anchor texts you do not have to mention keyword phrases anywhere within the page – including the header. Anchor texts alone can give you a first page ranking.

Can Anyone Put up links to your site?

Picture it this way, “What does a Cialis site know about real estate? Better yet a pest control site know about the stock market? Dong a comparison of their contents you will find there is nothing similar between the two.

How should an Anchor Texts structured?

The best anchor texts are phrases or words which give a brief description of a links destination URL. For instance if the link URL redirects the user to a site on Adirondack chairs, you can use “Best Adirondack chairs” as your anchor text. This phrase grabs the reader’s attention persuading them to click onto the link. Search engines will be able to know what is behind this particular link and give your website a better indexing based on the keyword. It’s important to focus on certain keywords that you identified when implementing your site optimization strategy. Place this keywords strategically on all your anchor texts scattered online.

Anchor Texts & Link Exchanges

You can structure your anchor text in whatever way you lease if you own the website where the anchor text link appears. Is it possible to control how the anchor text which shall appear on third party websites? You can offer other authority websites within your niche incentives. Remember, as much as you need high quality back links from highly ranking authority sites within your niche, they also need the same. You can provide a premium spot on your site where they have their link set up.

At Professional Lists, Inc. we understand how valuable anchor texts and back links are important to any business.  Our partnership with your site ensures you remain ahead of your competitors.

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